The Golf Babe
July 24th, 2011 by admin

The Golf Babe

The Golf Babe

Welcome To The Golf Babe

Golf, its a funny game. That's what they say but you don't catch me laughing.

Well it sure is a frustrating game; even when you are good at it, it only takes a tiny mistake to ruin your whole day.

But can anyone tell me why it has to be like that?

Surely Golf should be a fun and flowing game where we should be allowed or even encouraged to cheat a little? Kick the ball out of the rough when no-one is looking?

Don't act like you never do that!

That's why you should always watch out for me on the golf course.

The Golf Babe does not let simple things like rules of the game prevent her from winning.

Sure whilst you are distracted with what I'm wearing or trying to take peek up my slightly too short for a golf course skirt as bend down to place my ball, you'll miss all the other little tricks I'm getting up to.

Who is going to argue with me anyway?

It's one thing arguing about how many shots your brother or work colleague has taken, but are you really going to accuse pretty little me of cheating? You'll look like a sorry loser if the best you can do is accuse The Golf Babe of cheating.

"Winning By Distracting"

That is the term I've coined to represent what I do on the golf course. Sure you purists reading this are likely to be shocked and possibly a little upset. But hey, you don't have to play with me if you don't like it. That said, you also wont be able to party with me afterwards.

If there is one thing I like to do after 18 holes is party.

So here I am, and that is me. Professional Babe Golfer, Winning By Distraction.

Welcome to The Golf Babe. I hope you enjoy it!


The Golf Babe

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